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Discussion on: A pure CSS password generator! 😱 They said it can't be done...

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Alvaro Montoro

Thank you for the shoutout :)

You can actually make the CSS password generator accessible by using a method similar to the article (instead of having the letters in the ::before, have them in the HTML and show/hide them). That way, users will be able to select them.

But remember: the passwords generated this way are not secure. They are only pseudo-random, so the password can be guessed/cracked knowing some factors.

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GrahamTheDev Author

Yeah I did think that after Temani pointed me to your article, but I couldn’t work out a way of doing it that didn’t require 620 elements.

I hope I covered the “don’t use this in production it isn’t actually random” clearly enough in the article but that is always the danger when you put code up, people just use it without thinking!