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Hi all,
great article. I have been experimenting a bit, porting some workflow from Gitlab.

What about this? Using buildx ability to export cache to local files and then caching it with standard github actions.



Thanks for your comment. I have never used buildx before, and I saw that it was an experimental feature, and so it might be subject to change as the feature develops.

If you are curious as to how it fares against other approaches in this article, I would encourage you to try adding the buildx approach to the showdown workflow file. This workflow file contains all the approaches used in this article.

When you fork, edit, and commit, GitHub Actions will run the workflow file automatically. Each approach will be run in a separate job which are run in parallel. So it’s like starting a race, and you can see how long each approach will take.

Let me know if you find an interesting result!

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