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Discussion on: How to write 90% cleaner code with Hooks 🎣

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Amandeep Singh Author • Edited on

Hi Cees,

I may be wrong but are you talking about Event-driven-programming? Or I may have not understood your question properly here, but handling events and updating dom properties can be a cumbersome task. What React gives you is a declarative approach. It's more of like

 // UI is a function of data you pass
 data => UI

Moreover, React has its own implementation of a Data structure called Fiber which make sure to not block UI thread (main thread) and gives a performant UI. This is called the reconcilliation process.

I am pretty sure that handling UI updates via events only can be an assiduous task.

Thanks for your comment here 👏

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Cees Timmerman

Yes, for most programs a simple event handler that updates local properties should work fine.