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re: I don't know why is everyone so afraid of C. I am currently in embedded world where almost everything is done in C and haven't noticed any issues o...

I have no problem with C.. I programmed for over a decade in C and C++.

But its not for web programming.. and its not ideal for all scenarios.

I'm not afraid of it at all.
I just think there are better tools for the job.

Of course it's not for web. Maybe with Web Assembly but I think Rust will take over in that specific area, maybe, who knows.

to be fair, C can't be included in a list of "languages that stretch your brain"

it can't be included because C is the granddaddy standard measure. all the other languages are compared to it.

for my list of languages that stretch your brain i would have:

  1. assembly
  2. prolog
  3. forth/factor
  4. clojure
  5. eh. maybe thrown BF here, just for giggles.

Number 5 will not only stretch it, but probably also displace it 😄


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