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Discussion on: Which programming language should you learn in 2020?

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Elixir seems most interesting of the bunch.

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Aditya Giri Author

Yeah, Elixir is one of the most effective languages among all these.

And also, thanks for that tip. I've been following a bunch of different languages like V Lang, Nim, and Zig. I'd definitely be writing an article on it.

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DavidWhit • Edited on

Yes, but my two cents believes you can really do anything big or small with rust bolting on what you want to make it the language to suite your needs. I also think Rust provides a modern approach to low level programming. I only spent 3months looking into elixir and it was ok just not for me the OTP model still feels foreign. The Beam and erlang behind the scenes I'm also unfamiliar. I might be wrong but I feel its place is niche. Though as always pick what you like and go with it and dismiss others opinions.