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Thanks for this article, I think it's really helpful to better define these type of roles.

It seemed like more topics were focused on the aesthetic UI layer with hints of UX isolated to the usability of components. It seems like you also have the opportunity to be the liaison for more than just the singular usability of a component, but also UX principles in general, such as the 10 heuristics of user interface design (

For example being sensitive to the user's need in your context and the flow and actions taken to achieve their tasks. Then using that knowledge to collaborate with the front-end team to ensure the intent behind the design is captured, or extending it in way that satisfies the user's needs and not just the design language.

This comment issn't as much of a critique, as it is an excitement to see the opportunities these type of roles provide us as a way to ensure a user centered design process.


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Emma Bostian ✨

No no definitely. I incorporated more UI principles in here because they're a bit easier to comprehend for non-designers and they're a bit "sexier." I could have written about information architectures, user flows, etc. but those aren't as fun :P Seriously though I think I'll update it! Thanks!