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Building our first project: A prototype using React js and Material UI

On this week we’re going to focus on building the first prototype of our project, i’ts going to be about building de Web views with React js and Material UI. If we already think of a design or have one in Figma it’s time to start working on it.

What is React js?

React is an open source UI library based on Javascript, it’s declarative and component based. This allows us to work faster and design views for each states in our application, components allows us to recycle and use them on other views that are needed. Also it works with JSX which is a file that allow us to write HTML and javascript at the same time.

How Material UI Works?

Material UI based on Material Design is a CSS framework that allows us to build our own Design System. It has a lot of prebuilt components ready to use and customize in our application. This helps us to improve the UI/UX on our project and is easy to use

What’s next?

Once we already know what technologies we want to use, we need to start working on our project, it is important to know that in this week we’re not going to finish it all. But start coding our views would be a great advantage.

On the next week we’re going to focus on functionality and security of the project. If you missed out my last post you can find it here:

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