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re: Thanks for that :) However, personally I prefer the HyperApp version. I think it provides enough to be useful even for larger applications while st...

Absolutely, I think its always important to be aware of different solutions to a problem and selecting whatever is appropriate for your use case (and also, personal preference ofc plays a role).

I am just generally very appreciative of this recent trend of frameworks and libraries providing a higher bang for your buck and relative reduction in complexity. The web is sorely in need of optimization. Dev.to is a great example of what can be achieved if that is a focus =)

I think we can 100% agree on this. :) Personally I'm quite the Vue fanboy, because it scales well from replacing jQuery to full-blown SPAs with state management.

That said for server-rendered (Rails) apps that just need the occasional sprinkle of JS, I quite like Stimulus and after this experiment I'm quite sure to give HyperApp another spin soon.

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