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Discussion on: Four reasons that PureScript is your best choice to build a server in 2020

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André • Edited

Great article, I really enjoyed it! Do you have any experience in using Purescript for frontend development, or are you mainly using it as a backend tool?

I'm interested in comparisons with Elm, if you have tried it that is :)

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Mike Solomon Author • Edited


I wrote in PureScript using Halogen. Elm has a more mature ecosystem of frontend components and a larger user base, whereas PureScript/Halogen is less opinionated, less full-featured & a bit more klunky in the type system but (IMO) more powerful. For klank, it was a natural fit as the backend is also in PureScript, so I'm able to share types across the monorepo. I'd recommend reading through the Halogen guide in the repo: it covers the basics in six approachable lessons, and by the end you'll have a good sense of how it compares to Elm.

Thanks for reading!