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Discussion on: Django vs Express/Node which one would you choose and why ?

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André Matias

Both are excelents frameworks and have a good community behind them. What I could say to you is if your project is a personal project go ahead with Express, it's the best way to learn something new. But if it is a prodution or some project that you will need to do some support I really suggest that you use Django most by your experience. You'll be ready to fix bugs and refactor your code most speedly.

Django have a good integration with databases all into the framework, and its works pretty well, with Express you will install some ORM or database manager to help you, it's fine but you'll need to learn this too.

If you will work with a real time app Node JS is the best with, is possible do that with Django too, but it's not a semantic way to do that, if you get me.