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Discussion on: UX Engineering

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André Pena

Hi Emma. Interesting concept, I hadn’t heard of it before.

The only thing I didn’t quite like was the pizza diagram. I’m the beginning you said that UXE is a subclass of FEE but then you separated them on the pizza and even put REST API for FEE whereas it should be backend. The way I understand it, Frontend Engineers can lean towards architecture, performance, design or UX. The UX ones are called UXE as you’re explaining.

Thanx for sharing.

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Emma Bostian ✨

REST APIs can be FE or BE depending upon which company and team you work for. At IBM FE devs were responsible for coding it in Java. Don't ask me why lol. The separation there is to indicate the skills that don't necessarily overlap, but I can see where the confusion could come into play. Thanks!

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Thorsten Hirsch

Oh... here's where you've explained it to someone else. :-)

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Michel Renaud

The way I interpreted the REST API in the front-end is that, to a consumer of that API, the REST API is the front end of your system. You may have an actual UI that consumes it, but have other systems consuming the REST API to get at your data. A badly-designed API is a user-experience nightmare for those that consume it.