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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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I started with Ubuntu Studio 5 years ago, then did the usual distro hop for a while, then landed on vanilla Debian 9 Stretch couple years ago.

Customized it with XFCE and Gnome Software Suite supplying me snaps and flatpaks, additionally to Debian official repos from the terminal and Synaptic package manager if I wanted the GUI.

First on my laptop. Then on my home's desktop, then on my wife's laptop as well. Got a Windowsless home and haven't look back since then.

I can say that with this setup, plus docker and virtual machines, I haven't had any thing I couldn't do regarding my work of web development and even electronics circuits design.

Currently running exactly the same but based on Debian 10 Buster which comes with python 3.7 pre-installed, and updated packages.

As a side note, I recently got a pretty old laptop as a gift from someone who renewed hardware last Christmas and was about to scrap it for being "too old and useless" .

Intel Centrino and 2g of Ram.

Tried to get Manjaro XFCE running in it and it did, but broke some hard drive volumes couple times, so I desisted of Manjaro and tried doing my usual setup.

It worked the first time... Of course is slower, but here I have a perfectly running laptop running Debian 10 besides my main machine.

I wanted to test the limits of Debian regarding how long it could go for repurposing old computers.

Got out my old Toshiba that's been sitting for 10 years in windows XP home edition, useless... pentium 4, 1.5 g ram.

Burned a Cd with Debian net install using the new "old laptop" Cd burner.

It worked...

Long story short: Debian is really serious about their statement of "rock solid stability" , and that works pretty well for me :)

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Ben Lovy Author

Great review, pretty cool it could handle whatever hardware you threw at it. I've come to a similar conclusion :) Thanks!