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Discussion on: Benefits of freelancing

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Andrew Baisden

Maybe that might have been true a few years ago I am not sure that is the case anymore. I had a potential client who created her own website using Squarespace. She had no interest in hiring a developer to build a custom website. Because it is unlikely that the client will know anything about javascript frameworks, serverless, Headless CMS or any of those buzz words. They are not developers like us. She just wanted help doing some things on there as she really wanted to do it all herself instead of outsourcing to a developer.

They see an ad for Wix or Squarespace on YouTube for example and that is what they are going to choose. And many top influencers on social media get paid to promote Wix or Squarespace so pretty much everybody knows about them. I have checked out a few popular people on social media and their websites are built with either one of the two or even WordPress.

So I would say that the competition is real especially for freelancers. Thats why in my opinion it is essential to have a varied skill set. Creating complicated websites is still something that a client wont be able to do with those website builders for example. And app development is still something that requires a lot of technical skills so that is something else that can't easily be replicated with an online build tool.

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mordechairoth • Edited

What you said makes sense to me. but I actually had the opposite experience, where a friend asked me to set him up a online shop, but I told him that he should try doing it himself on Shopify, and he should be able to set it himself in no time. A week later he came back to me saying that he is not "technical" and can't set it up himself, and asked me that I should do the job.