re: Isn’t it a little entitled of you to assume that other people are in the wrong, especially when your words have offended and upset multiple people ...

I appreciate you came on the platform to defend Vaibhav Namburi. You are a true and friend.

I comment not because I want to, but because I have.

I have been critical of Vaibhav recent articles where I am writing long-form comments which have upset them because I am presenting an opposing view. I can understand how this makes them feel, though I have to provide commentary not because I want to but because I feel morally obligated since hundreds of people who are trying to build a better life around the world are struggling to find work in the web-dev industry and I need to share my proven knowledge with actionable steps and examples to help improve there lives.

For Vaibhav

  • I had offered leads for contacts here in Toronto to help grow their business.
  • I have offered to editorialize their articles to be factually correct, and in turn will lead them to better engagement here in
  • I have in private apologized multiple times before writing my comment because I knew my comments may hurt their feelings no matter how I wrote it and explained why I must comment

If coming off as a douchebag is what I have to endure to get the right information to people that need it. I invite each and every single comment to call me a douchebag.

and again sorry my comments hurt Vaibhav feelings.

Welcome to

It’s a little arrogant of you to assume that your way is the only right way to be successful. Don’t use your personal experience to invalidate other people’s experiences. If you’re going to present an opposing view, it might be better to precede your comments with a “This is how it’s worked for me.”

How utterly close minded to assume that everyone’s path and means to success is the same. People write from their experience, so by all means, offer your opinion but drop the hubris. You’re not any more right than someone else - you just have different experiences. It’s clear that you have trouble comprehending that you might not always be 100% correct in every situation, but perhaps you should let people share the content that they feel will help people - you may not think it’s helpful, but it could make a difference to someone else’s life.

Or just like...write your own articles dude, stop being a douchebag on other people’s content.

Also what’s “factually correct” exactly? There’s no absolute truth when it comes to business. You might have found your success one way, but someone else might have found it differently. Stop acting like you wrote the Bible on success - different things work for different people.

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