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Discussion on: What size company do you work for? What's that like?

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Andrew Chou • Edited

Small startup, with 12 people total once tomorrow comes (Consider). It's definitely challenging for me since it's essentially my first full-time role since graduating. Involvement in a lot of different areas of the product provides many opportunities for growth, which I'm lucky to have so early in my career. I personally appreciate the smaller team size because it feels more manageable to communicate with and learn from my peers :)

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Working at a startup as a first full-time job sounds like a good idea. You learn a lot right off the starting line!

Cool startup, and wow, that's a pretty landing page.

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Checked out the startup! Looks really cool.

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Carlos Trapet

Same, 5 devs, 12 people in total. Recently moved from a huge company and I must say, start-ups all the way! :)

PS: Whoever thought of that wiggly line that moves with you while you scroll on your /company page is a design genius