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Great post!
I wish my pod-mate would understand that and not tap me on the shoulder to tell me stories about his daughter's swim meet. Perhaps I'll send him this post...

Like a work mate of mine that every time he comes up to this office floor he just HAS to interrupt EVERYONE just to say hi and shake hands. It doesn't matter if you´re in half a remote meeting or completely concentrated in your code.

Oh wow! I find with people like this it can be hard to get in the flow if you feel like they are coming in soon. Almost being "on alert" - it's nice to have friendly co-workers but that's a bit much!

Can you elaborate on "pod-mate"? What exactly is a "pod" referring to? I'm curious.

For sure! Similar to what Jordan said, my current workplace reserves these small cubicles (they call pods) for student co-ops and contractors. There is really only room for 1 person, but I guess since they call it a 'pod' they can squeeze 2 in ;)

Where I work its a group of 4 people in a large hexagon shape "cubical"

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