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Discussion on: Clean up Github profile?

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Andrew Mason

I don’t really know what’s better for employment - I doubt most recruiters will wind up there anyway. Regardless, I’d make sure you’re using the personal readme feature and try to set it and your profile up in a way that allows you to guide the user (recruiter) where you want them to go. A few UX articles can easily assist with this.

As far as your actual question about repos:

Something I started doing not too long ago is try to prune my repos down a bit. I have starred thousands of repos, had over 300 myself, and lots of forks.

While a cool trophy in a way, what it became was a lot of noise on my profile. Especially when security releases for dependencies were released and suddenly I’d get hundreds of notifications.

Here’s my strategy as I slowly whittle away at it:

  • Forked repos: instant delete due to the noise they introduce. I likely forked to make a contribution so I retain the value by adding an entry on my website with the name of the project and links to contributions. Instantly valuable for recruiters instead of dozens of forked repos.
  • Old repos: turn off dependabot and archive. If it was important to me then I’ll store a link to it on my website with why it’s worth looking at.
  • The rest: potentially pin to my GitHub profile or add to my personal readme, and then add to my website.

The exception would be if a fork is for a project I regularly contribute to or something I want to stay on my profile (an example for me is a fork of ruby/rbs that I contributed to and am rather proud of).

This process is working for me so far and from where your mind is at, I bet it would be a good thing to try. I get to regain control over my notifications, and also create content for my website that highlights the data that is actually useful.

That being said, I still have over 200 repos so it’s slow moving for me 😬

Best of luck with whatever you decide!