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Discussion on: What is the hardest thing about learning to code?

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Oof, definitely agree with that. I've been at my first programming job for a year and a half now, and while I have ideas for side projects that I'm genuinely interested in, I find it really hard to build up the energy/motivation to start them. I'm usually spent by the time I get home, and almost always want to do other things.

I think what you're saying is hardest thing for me, too, but a close second for me is figuring out when a solution is good enough. Often times I'll write a solution and then rewrite it over and over again, until it becomes overengineered. Then I'll rewrite it again, and push a final solution that's simpler and probably works well enough. Knowing that someone is going to review your code helps with this, but I constantly need to remind myself of "Perfect is the enemy of good."

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Emma Bostian ✨ Author

Totally agree! Usually I find that by watching other people code (i.e. tutorials) I gain motivation!