Discussion on: Turning a side interest in programming into a data engineering career, with Josh Laurito

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Awesome article and interview. Data science is a realm that I thought about going into but never took the leap, so it's really interesting to hear about his experience.

Also, I think he articulated really well the fine line between curating editorial articles based on data versus pure editor's choice. There's definitely a degree of "personality" or human element that drives me to go to specific websites, and that's (probably) harder to curate via data.

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josh laurito

Thanks Andy!

I do think we found a good balance here. One thing that I sorta wish I had emphasized more in talking about this product is the collaborative nature of working with our stakeholders, like editorial. We aren't usually shipping software as our product, we're usually shipping content as our product, so the data team's primary role is in supporting our ability to ship the best content we can and getting the most traffic to that content.