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I think the biggest hurdle I have had when working remote is getting focused right from the start. Commuting to work has sort of been a ritual for me, one where I gather my thoughts and get focused on what I need to do. However, when working remote, having no gap in time really before I get to work physically has been something I've been learning to overcome.

So far, a strategy that seems to be working is to get up earlier than I would have if I were going in the office so I can follow some routine or ritual and prepare myself mentally to work at home.

Oh, and thanks for the article! You made a lot of good points that my mind hadn't put into words.


What kind of routine have you been trying to employ? I've been trying out meditation with Headspace and exercise.


Since I'm an early bird, I wake up, write in my 5 Minute Journal, and walk the dog. After that I sit down for 5 - 15 minutes and focus on what I want to accomplish. It's a similar routine of what happens on my commute, but I have a lot more time to think on the train (if it's not too crowded).

I'm definitely thinking of incorporating exercise, too. In the past, I've had a lot of good experience with exercising as part of a routine. Been out of shape though and just avoiding it with excuses...

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