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Discussion on: We created the Crystal language, ask us anything!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

As someone who just knows Ruby, how would you recommend learning Crystal? Is there some knowledge of C that would help a lot in order to learn Crystal?

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Brian J. Cardiff Ask Me Anything

Rather than some knowledge of C the biggest initial gap would be to work with value types (stored in stack), using some mandatory type annotations and working with generics for containers like Arrays, Hashes, etc.

Any experience in a statically typed language could be useful: C, C#, Java.

But if you just want to have an experience learning Crystal itself it could help to fill the gaps in some areas to allow others with similar backgrounds.

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Serdar Dogruyol

As a Rubyist, you're good to go. I wrote a small book titled "Crystal for Rubyists" it's free and you can read it online :)

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Martin Verzilli Ask Me Anything

As someone who just knows Ruby you're probably already an intermediate Crystal programmer :). You can actually leverage one of the defects of the official docs: they sometimes assume you know Ruby to some extent. So you should be good to go with:

Recently we published some introductory videos with the folks at Daily Drip:

And for more hardcore materials you can download the slides and code examples from the CodeCamp we hosted at San Francisco this past May: