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Which YouTube Web Developers Do You Like to Watch?

angelyoung24 profile image Angel Young ・1 min read

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I decided to use my blog to ask questions to people in the community. If it annoys you, I apologize. I will post my answers below to start the conversation.


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Bisqwit is a good one. Seeing him create really complex things from scratch in C++ is always fun to watch. Carykh is also really interesting for AI things. I'd also recommend Dani, CodeParade, Code Bullet, and Jabrils.


I really like video's from Ben Awad. In the past I used to watch Devon Crawford but he kind of disappeared. Funfunfunction is cool as wel but that moved to twitch so I'm not sure if it counts.


My favorites are TraverstyMedia, Joshua Fluke (very controversial haha), Andrew Mead, OnlineTutorials, and Fireship.io.

What are yours?


Traversy Media and the New Boston