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Discussion on: Monorepos: Lerna, TypeScript, CRA and Storybook combined

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Anil Kumar Pandey

Hi @shnyder,

I am trying to do the CI/CD pipelining, so added this script into gitlab but it is getting failed. Please let me know if there any issue in script.

   - build  
   - deploy

build prod:  
   image: node:10.15.0-stretch  
   stage: build  
      - yarn global add lerna jest
      - yarn global add react
      - yarn global add typescript
      - lerna exec -- npm install
      - lerna bootstrap
      - yarn build
         - build/    
      expire_in: 10 days
deploy prod:  
   image: python:latest  
   stage: deploy 
      - pip install awscli    
      - aws s3 sync ./build s3://BUCKET_NAME --acl public-read 
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Andres Guerrero

Hi @anil

Do you achieve to do the CI/CD pipelining? I'm using gitlab too and i would be helpfull if you explain me what you did..

Thanks in advanced!

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shnyder Author

Hi @anil ,

what's the output of your gitlab build log?

In this post I tried to focus on the basic monorepo setup, to get a clean local dev environment with as many "defaults" as possible (so as little config as possible). It would be great to connect this post to a default config for a (gitlab) CI/CD-pipeline, so what's your experience with it so far?