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Anish De
Anish De

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My Journey into Development

Early Years

Technology was something I was interested in since a very young age. At first, I was mainly interested in electronics and robotics. I didn't make anything at the age of 5 or 6 but I would play around with whatever I would find at home. Then, I started getting interested in cars at the age of 7 and used to keep up with the latest news. This was also the time I started getting interested in gadgets likes phones.


I was interested in playing with Lego from a very young age and every time I got a new set, I would try to make as many models as possible from that. I got a Lego Mindstorm (it is a robot that can be programmed) and many models can be built out of it. I would be making a new model every week and spending a lot of time doing that.

Starting with coding

I was about 9 or 10 when I started some real coding. I started working with some Arduino stuff and then learned the C programming language. I learned Java when I was 11 and started some Android Development but I lost interest in it after some time. I didn't do much for the next one year. Then I started working on an Arduino project and then another but didn't succeed with any of them. I started learning Python a few months later and then started working on some small projects. I also tried to learn machine learning but realized that I needed to learn more maths to understand the theory behind all the algorithms and things.


I used to watch a lot of tech YouTubers upload content on YouTube and I was fascinated by it. I decided to make my own channel last year and started uploading a lot of videos. Now I have over 450 subscribers and over 90000 views. I haven't uploaded there for a while but I plan on getting my channel out of the grave with development-related videos.

Web Development

I started learning Javascript earlier this year and then learned React. Next, I learn NextJS and then made my first proper application, EasyComments, as a part of the Hashnode x Auth0 Hackathon which was conducted back in August.

That is my journey into development so far and I aim to learn more, build more applications and contribute to open-source.

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