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Discussion on: How To Create A GitHub Profile README

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Ankit Kumar

Gave it a shot.

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This is the personal profile readme for...well me!

Hi there, I'm Ankit 👋👨‍💻

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Hi, I'm Ankit Kumar, final year CSE undergrad from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, KTR 🏫. I'm also an indie game developer 🎮 snekaing my way into Data Science and Analytics 🤫.

Beside's developing stuff, I enjoy watching and playing sports ⚽, listening to music 🎧 and eating food 🍕. Apart from that, I'm also a pundit when it comes to sports like Football, Basketball and F1 🧐.

I'm also a die-hard supporter of Manchester United Football Club ⚽❤.

Uncomfortable thought: Warm Soda 😣.


Talking about Personal Stuffs:

  • 🌱 Game-Dev domain lead at Think-Digital
  • 🎮 Indie Game Developer
  • 📈 Data Analyst
  • 📊 Data Science and Data Analytics Enthusiast
  • 👦 Student Ambassador at Foxmula
  • ❄ Github's Arctic Code Vault Contributor batch holder
  • 💼 Currently looking for new job opportunities
  • 💬 Ask me about anything, I am…