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Anniina Sallinen Author

I studied Spanish at high school, and at the time I was able to speak it pretty well, but I've forgotten most of it because it haven't used it. I'm trying to practise it in Duolingo, though!

Ok this is my explanation about voguing (it's important to know how it was born): Voguing has it's roots in New York, Harlem. Black and latin transwomen and gay men were struggling because they were discriminated and attacked and weren't allowed to be themselves. They organized these vogue balls, where they could be themselves. They were (and are) usually a member of house which is more like a family, and the houses would compete against each other in vogue balls. I can recommend Paris is burning -documentary and pose - series (HBO Nordic at least) which tell more about origin of voguing so you get a better picture if you're interested. If you want to see some different voguing styles, you can search youtube with "vogue femme" or "old way vogue" or "new way vogue" or just "vogue ball" 😊

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Saija Saarenpää

Thanks for the introduction to Vogue, I definitely need to check out the documentary and some youtube material.
My Spanish studies started when I was at Uni, but I went through only a couple of courses. Later I've been trying to refresh even that little bit with Duolingo (we should become friends, I'm matrixxi there), but the progress is slow because from time to time I get more excited about Japanese I'm also trying to learn. In that language, I'm though the beginner of the beginners. Can merely say hi 😊