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I don't remember where I've read it, but once one guy asked on the internet if he should fire his font-end developer.
The guy said that it took 2 days for the font-end dev to create a button!

This guy should probably see this guide :P, I am pretty sure we could add even more to it, like aria props, buttons with menus, buttons that control state of other elements, etc...

Then test it all on multiple browsers and screen readers.


Honestly though, it entirely depends on what the task was.

If it's just "add a button that does x when clicked", I don't want a developer to go nearly as far as what's presented here and waste two days on a button. I wouldn't fire anyone over this, but I would definitely explain that they have a job to do and that it's not OK to start doing R&D when asked to add a button.

Now if the task was "add a button that looks exactly like this, is responsive, has a specific look when disabled, a focus state that looks identical on all browsers" and so on... I'd expect a developer to at least tell the Product Owner "OK, but this is not a simple button and it's going to take me at least a day of work"


The question on Quora got viral and there are one answer with 13k upvote. I only got 1k upvotes though :D


I've linked back to this post.

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