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re: Аз не говоря български, но искам да бъда първият, който ще ви посрещне в общността!

Hello, I am Anspage I'm not sure how I would explain my exact presence ... here? ... among you. Why ..? maybe, I know where, how and what ?, will it happen? I can not know it. But even if I knew, I could not be sure. I believe you have to afford the freedom of choice of knowledge so that you can develop information on the Internet is a very long time and a challenge that you will find after a long search for things that are connected and not so much. When you follow, you are sifting to mastery of knowledge, where you are, and that's a small part of your confusion. When you start doubting even yourself so much that you have no strength, you do not want to go ahead. I still believe, and that's why I'm here. Thank you.
P.s. Invest in yourself.

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