Yesterday, I started teaching my little girl-cousin some programming. I wanted to teach her Elm, but she is on Windows. I tried to set things up that was a nightmare (I installed cygwin and node, but had some mistakes), so I went with JavaScript. As it turns out she hasn't yet learned decimal numbers so I started teaching her that along with the last tutorial of JavaScript 30.

Another thing I need to teach her is speed typing. Because she is slow. I'm going with (in case you want to teach someone touch typing, it's very well suited for children).

I believe any gender can learn programming and work in that area.

As to their comments: I don't know if they are... but they sound like ignorant people. I wouldn't listen to their opinion. I wouldn't start changing their opinion also. Changing someone's opinions, as I learned, a hard unthankful job. Sometimes even impossible. Maybe I just know some stubborn people.

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