re: Are we "developers" gatekeeping "knowledge" from our juniors and peers? 🤦 VIEW POST


You look at this in a bubble.

What if that senior was just rejected by another girl. He is just being a jerk in places where he can be a jerk. In others words he is just getting out his frustration in an aggressive form.

By the way, I started out my comment wrong. Instead of excluding I should added to what you said. Like in improv with an "and" exercise.


If so, especially if it is someone I know in person.

I would want to treat him to a beer (or anything else culturally appropriate if one does not drink alcohol), to hear out the frustration. And if it's not enough, play some board games.

To let him/her know, there are other healthier ways to let out that frustration, with friends. And not be a jerk at the same time.

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