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I tried to set up monorepo 2-3 months ago. Faced lots of errors with React Native. I have been searching for any decent material. I always suspected issue to be of old articles as the dependencies have changed. So the steps stated in the article or video were always not working for me.

I faced same stuff with your article. Tried it almost a year after you writing it.

I faced stackoverflow.com/questions/473994... issues everytime I tried to run the mobile app. This particular issue was extremely nasty github.com/facebook/react-native/i.... I never hated another library so much as React Native because of all this shit. Or some other module not popping up. I managed to get mobile app work only just once. But I couldn't get it to work when I imported the app from Components package. So I felt somehow my monorepo was not at all working. Almost all the stack overflow or github issues stated only few repeated solutions like clear cache, delete node_modules are re run it. In my scenario situation seemed to be deteoriating. Atleast mobile app was connecting to simulator, then after trying out these solutions it started giving the error of Metro server of not being up and running. Which didn't make sense simulator was able to make call metro server.

Then I thought atleast web would work but it didn't either it always gave me this error -
Module not found: Can't resolve 'react-native/Libraries/NewAppScreen. Because App.js in components package was using this library in updated version of React-Native CLI. I followed all the steps diligently I even found some more steps were required as well.

I don't know how you managed to get it to work. I really envy that but I have wasted too much time to just get the infrastructure setup managed to do total zero work. I worry if I try to integrate other libraries I'll face the same issues.


Just remove all the dummy components from react-native/Libraries/NewAppScreen. on the app.js screen. It will then work

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