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Team Declaration

Team Name - Alpha

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader Anushka 2018IS087 @anushkadarshana
Member 1 Ayomal 2018IS023 @Ayomal98
Member 2 Chanaka 2018IS093 @chanakawickramasinghe
Member 3 Uvini 2018IS013 @uvinidesilva22
Member 4 Anuradha 2018IS092 @AnuradhaWickramasighe99

What we are building

Nowadays, people are busy with their schedules. So, its an impractical thing for them to organize a party on their own for their loved ones. They always need someone to assist them and guide them throughout the process. Also, since they have lesser time to come and visit the store and place their order, it is always better to maintain an online platform which shows all the past work and the opportunity to place the order.

How we built it

[Initial Update]
We identified the ongoing issues and planned the best way to overcome these issues.

[Update 2]
Built the UIs and planned the database

[Final Update]
Refactorized the project.


We would really appreciate the efforts you have taken for us. The entire team had a great experience in developing the coding. We are looking forward to participating more in events like this.

Demo Link

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