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Best Node.js Frameworks in Comparison

Node.js is an event-driven I/O infrastructure for the JavaScript engine V8 used at UNIX-like platforms. This is a programming environment that enables building heavy-weight complicated applications by means of a light-weight elegant engine. Node.js is an open-source cross-platform tool that allows developers to create both web applications and server ones on the go using JavaScript alone irrespective of operating systems. One of the main capabilities of Node.js is to support and control one or another type of framework.

Frameworks belong to the development tools that help programmers scale up their projects while the development process becomes simpler and faster. Thanks to frameworks a lot of repeating operations can be automated. Node.js web frameworks offer well-stocked libraries with frequently used elements to make programming procedures fewer. Read why Rect developers need Node.js. Once Node.js was a very convenient programming environment a lot of frameworks have been appearing in it since day one. The choice between them depends on your priorities. But in general Node.js frameworks have the following advantages:

low learning threshold;
significant potential for scaling up;
a high degree of compatibility;
easily shareable components.
To provide you with a brief Node.js framework comparison we are giving some basic info about the most popular frameworks for today.

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