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We just raised $5.5M! What does that mean for our developer community?

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As developers, we all have grand designs for our projects. “If only I had XX more hours (days) to add that feature,” “I wish I could afford to…” How many github repos of half started ideas do you have sitting idle, just waiting for that time/cash infusion to build your dream? Startup life is no different, especially here at From the start, we have built a long list of all the features in our grand vision on what a video API could deliver. We’ve always been limited by the available hours, the team, and infrastructure that we had to build with. New features keep coming out (just look at our new video player, website and dashboards released in the last few months!), but the pace has always been a frustrating one for us - we just want to build the best video delivery platform and api in the world.

Further frustrating matters, we keep coming up with great ideas. Our vision and plans for has continued to get larger and more ambitious even as features have been released.

now is the time!

Often, you dedicate evenings and weekends to build your pet project. You might even spend some of your holidays to make huge improvements in a longer period of time.

This is our time - with our new funding - we can now grow our team (aside: we’re hiring!), and as our team grows, we can start adding all the features we’ve been planning over the last 2 years.

what we won’t do with our funding

We’re hiring, and it’s a great company, but we are remote first - so I can promise no ping-pong tables or beer fridges in the office (what you do at home, that’s your business!).

More importantly, we’re not going to rest on our laurels - we’ve had a vision for, and how is our time to implement it!

so, what’s on the horizon?

We have some really cool things in store for you. We’re committed to making easiest, fastest and best video service. In the coming months, our live video will have reduced latency. we’ll be moving all our transcoding to the network edge, for faster availability and delivery. We’ll add plugins to help you integrate into the platforms you already know and love. We’ll add additional customisation for the video player experience. And our API will have the best documentation and reference - so that if you do run into any questions, the answers are just a page away! And these are the high level bullets for the first 5 things on our list.

If you’ve used already - thanks! - you are one of the reasons that we were awarded with our seed funding. As I’ve hinted, things are only going to get better in the next few months/years.

If you’ve just learned about us, please come check out our APIs. Sign up, upload a video, or stream a live video across the world! If you have any questions - feel free to reach out to me, or leave a comment in our developer forum.

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kithandkin profile image

Congratulations Doug. I nearly spat my drink out at 'so I can promise no ping-pong tables or beer fridges in the office'.

I'm awful at Ping Pong.

It's not easy to admit, but I'm just the worst. Every single agency I've worked at has either got a Ping Pong table, was busy acquiring a ping pong table, or getting a custom Ping Pong table made.

If I'd have known how key Ping Pong was to becoming a developer, I would have reconsidered some of my career moves.

I'm much better with the Beer Fridge but this doesn't seem to have the same sway at Agencies.