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M. Fauzilkamil Zainuddin
M. Fauzilkamil Zainuddin

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Talk About Code

Long time ago, I was writing about code and my journey in helping other coders in my blog

It's been a while that I haven't doing that anymore since I got super busy with my screen printing hobby and business.

Last year, I found this platform. And this is my first post.

The fact that in all these years of silence, I'm not totally stop writing about coding and my experiences. It's just I'm not really motivated to write for public readers. I just wrote a lot of notes for myself in markdown and keep it all in my note folder for myself.

I'm back

While writing this first post, I feel like home. Because I'm still writing in Markdown and I can paste my code as usual:


echo "Hello world, Coder's Talk is back!!"

This post is basically my exploration in platform.

The Markdown feels the same like github but mermaid is not working.

graph TD;

However, I love the way syntax highlighting like this diff is working

+ hello reader
- heyo who ever you are

and php...

$title = "apogee @";
// who ever you are reading this...
echo "Welcome to ".$title;

and c...

void function read_me() {
   printf("I'm glad you still reading this!");

and python...

# this is python greetings
print("Greetings to my reader!")

Anyway, I'm okay with it and I'm feeling grateful to whatever it is.

Feel free to have conversation with me by dropping your comment below. So I know who enjoy reading this.

Thanks for reading!

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Katie Nelson

I thought Mermaid was a plug-in for Markdown. If you need to use it in a post, you should request it as a new feature.

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M. Fauzilkamil Zainuddin

Yes, Mermaid is a plug-in. It is good to have. I'm okay without it. I'm getting used to it in GitLab. Mermaid feature in github is not yet available either.

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Katie Nelson

Thanks for reading my post and leaving a unicorn! You’re so nice to do that.