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"The broader developer community can also be harsh, exclusive, and downright mean. If you've hung out around here, you know that addressing this issue is also core to our mandate."

please never stop addressing this. a lot of learners quit after a visit to those exchange sites (looking at you stack!)

it is important for me to have a place where i can just absorb information and ask questions without negative feedback! i've become much better at expressing myself and coding simply because of the vibrant healthy community.

ps: i always like all 3 ( heart, pink-mane horse and tag emojis) but i dont really know the differences and/or uses, someone care to explain?

pps: if this was asked on some exchange network (:coughs) i'd be downvoted before i even reload the page.


Re: PS: the bookmark icon adds to your reading list.

The other two are the same for all intents and purposes but I promise we’ll eventually find some more meaningful ways to differentiate the interactions.

And you can bet that inclusion will always always be front and center in our effort.


I've always wondered the diff between the horse and the heart. I guess i'll just use them both from now, ☺.

Btw, DEV is awesome but it sets me off when i'm on a slow network and I click a link to a post. There's no sign that it's loading. Sometimes i click repeatedly. I feel something could be done to improve on that experience.

I think the difference between the heart and the unicorn is the unicorn aims to upvote the post...probably to make it a top/hot post for the week or so.

I might be wrong


a lot of learners quit after a visit to those exchange sites (looking at you stack!)

This is why I always had a love and hate relationship with stack sites. They are invaluable in their sheer number of questions and how much I use it on a daily basis but some of the comment sections are so hostile I never could get myself to take part.

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