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Discussion on: How to have better code reviews & tips for junior developers

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Abhishek Nayak

That's true. I'd like to write a post about code reviews. What would you like it to include?

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Mirosław Farajewicz

It's hard to decide as it's pretty personal. Many companies have slightly different standards. But I would say

  • the process itself: how many people in the team do one review, pre/post commit review
  • way of discussion - written / spoken. Longer elaboration (eg. "this code should be extracted to separate method XYZ and the duplicated piece from ABC should also be replaced) or short (eg. "duplication") hints
  • best tools, except the obvious choice of GH/GL/BB pull requests
  • things you should check or you should ignore ( code styling if some kind of static analysis bound to repo)
  • argues solving