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Discussion on: Idea: An app to troll people violating social distancing

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And let's call it Gestapo App!

Who are us to say what people could or could not do?
Who guarantee that people doesn't have some specific rights or exception?

Autistic people in Spain need to wear a blue handkerchief to say this "balcony police" do not insult them.

Do not misunderstand me, I really like to see initiatives. But I think we can think in something more constructive.

Some ideas:
Share positive news
List places where to help
Show near and local shop who deliver food
Random 2 minutes music to help kids to wash their hand.
Etc, etc.

Sorry if my answer are not the most lovely here, but I noticed a couple or persons close to me who passed away for this thing.

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Jack Linhart

In the name of love!!