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Sleepless Yogi
Sleepless Yogi

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Idea: An app to troll people violating social distancing

COVID-19 fun experiment.

Target user - Police.
Because a common person should ideally practice social distancing.


  • Take their photos and upload on the app
  • Add comments/reactions
  • Post on favourite social media
  • Virtual rewards for users catching more people violating

What else could we add to this?

I love jotting down my thoughts on my blog NgNinja Academy

Discussion (10)

tobiassn profile image
Tobias SN

I don’t think this is a good idea. Imagine you getting tested as positive. Later, you find a picture that is trending which was taken before you got it, and it happens to be of you.You’re already suffering, and now you’re being made fun of too. Wouldn’t be a good feeling, would it?

kofiagy profile image
Kofi A

I am finding it hard to reconcile the idea of creating hope and positivity by trolling people. How about an app that people who have had covid and recovered. They can upload picture with symptoms they had, how they managed it to give people going through it a light at the end of the tunnel.

gillchristian profile image
Christian Gill

You should think about the privacy implications of such idea. Most people won't be ok with you uploading their pictures to the internet. Even less if the purpose is "trolling".

aroldev profile image

And let's call it Gestapo App!

Who are us to say what people could or could not do?
Who guarantee that people doesn't have some specific rights or exception?

Autistic people in Spain need to wear a blue handkerchief to say this "balcony police" do not insult them.

Do not misunderstand me, I really like to see initiatives. But I think we can think in something more constructive.

Some ideas:
Share positive news
List places where to help
Show near and local shop who deliver food
Random 2 minutes music to help kids to wash their hand.
Etc, etc.

Sorry if my answer are not the most lovely here, but I noticed a couple or persons close to me who passed away for this thing.

iatenine profile image
Jack Linhart

In the name of love!!

aehrraid profile image

I think, this is not a good idea. Don't sacrifice your humanity for surveillance or mockery platforms.

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Madza • Edited on

Sry, this is wrong in so many levels.. We should try to help people and find the ways to limit the virus, instead of trolling and making fun of each other.

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Marcus Grant

This could really backfire and result in a lot of wrongfully prejudiced behavior. If you're going to socially shame, which sometimes can be a good thing like when people are endangering others, do it in the modes that society currently does so, you don't need to appify it

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Nitin Reddy

This will be an interesting experiment. I have found few incidents at our place in India where people are found violating the "LOCK-DOWN" decision taken by Indian Govt. This can embarrass some people when their pics are spread across different Social medias but that is the need of the time.

sleeplessyogi profile image
Sleepless Yogi Author

True - main idea behind something like should be to spread awareness, create positivity and hope amongst people.
I have seen some video from India lockdown. People need to pull their sh*t together.