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Discussion on: Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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Aschwin Wesselius

If you really, really, really want to understand software and system architecture find any material by Juval Löwy.

A good start is here:

I've attended his Architect Master Class last year and it blew my mind away. This class is sold out months in advance by architects all over the world. And rightly so.

His book "Programming WCF Services" tells you all the why and how behind a solid system, solid code, solid maintenance and security etc.

Juval Löwy is a real architect with the right mindset. He's been responsible for the review of .NET and WCF architecture.

Robert C. Martin is a very keen software engineer and might accomplish very good software. But he's not an architect. He has not the right mindset.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Thanks for this. I'll definitely check it hits videos.