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Discussion on: Svelte for Sites, React for Apps

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Andrea Di Minico

Can totally agree on the first two points: for me transitioning from jQuery/javascript to React engineer made the biggest impact on my pay-check, and a better engineer overall. Knowing and increasing the expertise in React gave the power to negotiate better salaries/contracts, work at better companies and overall made a huge positive change in my life. Beside all this, I am also able to start my micro company with my girlfriend about frontend consulting (website needs to be finished hehe..)
Developers sometimes should shift mentality non just thinking how to do something with a "framework" but also how will this impact my life outside of my career.

Ecosystem is big, with lot of resources, and the are tons of open source project where you can find a lot of useful code and patterns.

Before trying React I wanted to learn Vue, I learnt some this was soon after release of version 1.0 of Vue, and at the time could not include in any final production project.

With Svelte, I made a little dynamic form on a WordPress site to test it out, was pretty happy with the outcome, the issue I had there was: if the site has already jQuery should you add Svelte for just a component?

As the final judgment: from my standpoint I would switch to using Svelte for website only if I cannot achieve the desired performance with React/Preact, and if there is not already jQuery.

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swyx Author

JQuery is still a lot heavier than svelte. I'm not sure if WordPress websites ship with JQuery by default or something, but if you can remove it then I'd explore replacing it with svelte. components are just much nicer to write with, tho that is a subjective opinion

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Andrea Di Minico

Worpdress websites all ships with jQuery, and all the frontend depends on it, specially if there are using a template. Replacing jQuery on a Worpdress website will be a big headache because you need to replace everything of every additional plugin. Also if the client is using Woocommerce is something is not worth doing, in my opinion.

The only way to use Wordpress effectively with React/Svelte would be as an API endpoint or, let’s call it as a headless CMS.

The new Wordpress builder block is also made with React, so there is better tooling with React around Wordpress, at least at the moment.

At the end of the day what is important is regardless of what you use:

  • are you happy with the DX of the the tools you are using
  • is the client happy
  • are the clients users happy
  • clients and end users does not care what is working behind, they just care if it works well or not