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[Discussion] Challenges in Frontend for SaaS Apps.

Ahmad Seder
Software Engineering Enthusiast! Trying to make small things grow , and leave an impact of how we write softwares especially on FE
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Dealing with SaaS apps requires some specific considerations on the frontend. Some might be related to the tools, architecture, or libraries on the whole FE stack.

  1. What challenges did you face?
  2. How you fixed those challenges?
  3. Which area do you think is underdeveloped?

I would love to share and expand my experience in this field as a series "Frontend for SaaS Apps Series" and your points will help me define the right scope and starting point.

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Ahmad Seder Author

One of the things we faced, is that we have a SaaS with certain workflows but those workflows might vary between customers and adding a lot of if statements will make the code really ugly.
Our solution was to introduce "Flavoring" by replacing React components on the transpile time "Babel". And this forced us to write better reusable and smaller components.

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