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I'm a dev evangelist focusing on an open-source ETL project. Previous to that I was a dev evangelist & senior product manager in AI. I started as a front-end dev and have recently taken up Python. I'd love to find open-source projects to contribute to and get involved in.


Hey Ash, welcome to the community. How'd you get into evangelism? It always seems like folks have a fun ride getting there.


Howdy! Excellent question. I definitely agree there isn't a straight path really. I started out as a front end dev and then moved into product for apis for a few years actually. Kinda go back and forth but getting back into coding more. I really like working with devs and building stuff so found my niche! 😊


Hi Ash! I really love Hood.ie - Gregor is a fantastic maintainer that will help you get started on a bug fix or a feature. Highly recommend checking them out (then blogging your experience here!)


Ohh, great info Juanita. I'm going to check them out also. I've been looking for a a friendly project to start contributing to.


Awesome! I've heard fo hood.ie. I'll check them out. Thanks!

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