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re: Things You Shouldn't Say to a Disabled Person About Why Your App Isn't Accessible VIEW POST

re: Accessibility is the default for me; when I can, I implement things in an accessible way. For analogy, if you're an electrician, the default should...

Accessibility should be the default. That’s awesome you have that mentality. ☺️

When I said, “Not that I feel the need to explain myself,” I was trying to come across as, “I don’t mind talking about my disability, this is me making a choice to.” However, this piece is about me defending myself and people like me. I think you’re reading the tone correctly. I’m not trying to be nice about it. 😉

So, the context here is a conversation about making an app more accessible. There was no specific feature, it was for all the features, in general.

As for whether or not my hearing aids help me use the web, it really depends on the quality of audio. Some people put out content that sounds like they’re talking in an empty silo. When I can, I try to use headphones so the sound is directly in my ears. I mostly avoid content without captions though. It’s just too much work when you have to listen to something two or three times or more.

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