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re: First of, apologies if that sounds rude. "stupid practices" that developers do I'm pointing the "practices to be stupid", I don't think so I called...


Impact is contextual from person to person. Still feel free to report abuse or reply with a sentence that could be replaced in the article. I'm open to edit the article and replace potentially harmful language.

I've already linked a sentence. Start off by reading about ableist language and then remove it from your article. After that, work on making this article less about insulting to people who may be like these "stereotypes" you've listed and more about teaching people how to become better developers.

I have my trigger words, but saying an act is "stupid" or "foolish" is different when a person directly calls you "stupid." Personally, I would write that something is a "bad practice," but that's just my style. I come from a jQuery and Vanilla JS background, so I appreciate someone guiding my way, even with strong wording. I would think it's insulting to assume that "stupid" should be a trigger word for those who have disabilities. I worked with an programmer who was an amputee who used the word, "lame," although I would never use that word myself around him (and try not to in general). Obviously, he meant it to say something was "foolish." I have children, so I substitute the word "silly" for "stupid," but when I'm speaking with my wife, we use the word "stupid," for example, to describe some kind of harmful or useless policy.

I love this article: skepchick.org/2014/02/insults-slur...

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