How to make a website whose source code can be downloaded in .rar format ?

ashumaurya profile image Ashish maurya ・1 min read

I want to make a website which is fully customizable which can be achieved with react but i also want the person who customized the website can now download new source code and i have no clue which technology to use or how should i proceed to it.


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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

You can try GitHub release. It will auto-generate *.zip and *.tar.gz. No git client required for the next users.

Just hot-link to GitHub Release from your website.

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You only need to build the source code, and then place variables in it. Then zip all the files. As far as I know you can create an uncompressed zip with JavaScript pretty easily.

Probably the easiest thing would be to let the user use prebuilt components and you just group them together in files and these files in a zip archive to download them.

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Leoni Mella

I think you wont find any solution to this, but you definitely can build one.

It'll be a lot of work, but is doable. If this is a personal project or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) I suggest to use the technology that you feel most comfortable with so you can put a version 1.0 to testing instead of learning a new tech.

One of the trickiest part, IMO, is the level of customization that you will allow the user to make, this potentially will interfere a lot on this project.

Feel free to send me a message and we can chat a bit more about this.
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