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I actually paid for some software, now what?

We are very lucky, living in a time where software is readily available from convenient outlets in various flavours. Often created by developers of varying skills, backgrounds and interests. Each with slightly different goals in mind that are bound to cover your needs in one way or another - and that's not the best bit, a lot of it is free!

Now, I appreciate not everybody will be in the same boat, but if not please humour me and join this brief journey if you have the time. ✨

We did it. We just paid for some software from a small, indie developer. It felt rather anticlimactic to be honest. I mean, we may have a few extra features or no ads but not much noticeable happened, at least not much immediately obvious. For a lot of people the journey ends here, often for me that's the case but a little perspective alteration can help breed motivation, engagement and greater fulfilment for all parties.
This developer spend hours, days, possibly weeks building this software. Trying to drive people to it, creating graphics and marketing material watching for their first 10, 100, 1000 installs, their first 10, 100, 1000 reviews, their first $10, $100, $1000. They probably told their partner or friends about the success. Their own personal motivation shifted to creative ideas, enabling growth of the software, or even the creation of new products. It may not seem much, but this small act multiplied, created an exponential ripple in their life, in their own personal and our shared creative and monetary economies. It made a difference for us and our business, it helped encouraged and motivated us through these tough times. πŸ’ͺ

So before we dig too many unfinished rabbit holes together, back to the original Q - now what?

Well, think of that journey, think of the happiness and motivation you may of provided and even go one further - write a review, provide some honest feedback to this other person. They're almost certainly going to read it, and just as likely to respond. Newly charged with the energy you helped provide, you may get a feature request granted.. or bug fixed.. or if nothing else, a connection with another person just doing their thing, just like you are. πŸ’™

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Just don't get burned.