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Ashwin Sharma P
Ashwin Sharma P

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An Overview of GPT-3

So what is GPT-3?

GPT-3 or Generative Pertained Transformer-3 is a neural language model from OpenAI. OpenAI launched this beta service last month. This has helped the people to understand the various amazing things that GPT-3 is capable of performing. GPT-3 has been built by feeding it with most of the web contents including coding tutorials, literature works etc. This model has around 175 billion parameters as compared to its predecessor GPT-2 which had only 1.5 billion parameters.

What is GPT-3 capable of?

  • GPT-3 requires only a few-shot demonstration via textual information, as it is already trained with a huge amount of data.
  • It can develop the suitable widgets for our website using the text input we give.
  • It is capable of writing stories, code, poems, etc.
  • Furthermore, it has the ability to write any piece of article in a particular personality's essence. For eg: Write a news report in the style of J.K. Rowling.
  • It is generally difficult to distinguish between the human written and GPT-3 generated articles.
  • GPT-3 has been quite impressive in the beta test run and has found its place in various fields. OpenAI is planning to commercialize this product later this year.

Similar to any other product, GPT-3 also has some drawbacks like;
=> Reply with the wrong answer to invalid questions.
=> GPT-3 lacks the power of reasoning and common sense. This is clearly illustrated in Kevin Lacker's blog.

The blog link:- Kevin Lacker's blog

Will this affect us?

It is a human tendency to exaggerate the negative effects of technology. But it also turns into a benefit in the long run as we can equip ourselves to overcome the negative sides.

Here, the loss of job in many fields, like web development, the writing industry, news reporting etc. have been of concern due to the enhancements in AI. It is a bitter truth that some people will surely get affected by this new technology. But the point to note here is that the one with skills need not worry as they can survive this by constantly evolving and adapting himself into the new technologies. The thing to remember is, "change is constant."

There is no doubt that GPT-3 is a huge technical achievement in the field of AI. But more accurate and interesting advancements are yet to come.

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Hemant Joshi

This is Killing the webπŸ™„,

Also about job and kind of stuff the Era going to be a AI based one and I assure next 40 years are no loss to jobs.

Also about the web dev or other their job typically shift to Define a logic and other will be AI, no code writing will be done by Dev's

Also, just like now there were frontend and backend devs
Now there are Full stack Dev's with JS as their weapon!

Did that killed backend jobs? No backend devs made a move in time and market is well balanced, but will suerly affect some parts

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Gio • Edited


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Hemant Joshi

Yup, The era people dreaming of where they will loose job is after their 2 Deaths, a d in that era the Human will be Only to command not to slay.

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Ashwin Sharma P

Yes. Completely agree with you Hemant. People are simply panicking over job loss. There won't be such problem if we adapt accordingly.

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Hemant Joshi

Keeping up with the latest Tech is the key to survive in market.

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Ashwin Sharma P


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Dana Kozubska • Edited

Just wanted to add that GPT-3 is a logical progression of GPT-2 and a logical step towards intelligent software. It can also compose music, create design, and answer your questions much like your friend would. I cover this extensively in my recent article:

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