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True! I just don't find myself consistent enough to use semicolons and (on a vain note) prefer the way my code looks without them. I like Evan You's presentation on whether or not to use them -- especially since he wrote Vue!

I love both React and Vue! Vue is my personal favorite, but for the most part I use React professionally. I think Vue is easier to learn and I love how consistent the ecosystem is -- especially the Router and Vuex. React is just still so widely used, though, and I do love how integrated the components are! I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference!

I've done the same thing with Python and React in the past! It was super painful -- definitely don't envy you there! That was probably the project that converted me to the microservice architecture so hard!


Thanks for the answers!

I read the presentation, now I'm going to remove semi colons everywhere :D Thank the heavens for eslint --fix

I'm happy you love both React and Vue, the reason why I gravitated towards Vue is the same reason I gravitate towards simpler, yet as powerful, technologies but I do see the point of React obviously (even if at first glance seems more complicated and I didn't like JSX). I might end up picking it up later in the year, who knows, and probably knowing Vue at that point might lower the learning curve, hopefully :-)

Regarding splitting backend and frontend (so two separate servers/microservices) I am sure that I'll get there at some point, it seems I am walking in your footsteps, solving similar problems as you already did!

A little digression in server side programming: my reluctance about using a pure microservice architecture is a will to preserve sanity and due to lack of time. I read a lot about microservice architectures in the past (who hasn't, if you read articles about server side programming is what anybody talked about for a while) but being a time of one makes me weary at introducing them in the clients architecture.

Needed or not I am still convinced, at least design wise, that microservices can come out of monoliths when the time has come.

Knowing Vue will definitely lower the learning curve! I totally agree that microservices can come from monoliths!


On the semi-colon debate, my rationale is simple: there's more things to remember if you don't put semi-colons than if you put them. Yes, not much at all, but still.

This makes semi-colons less ambiguous than the lack of and I value non-ambiguous code (even if it's just a little bit).

Since I also value consistency, I decided to enforce them on all my projects.

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