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re: Awesome posts, these rules are simple and yet they can make a huge difference in the code quality! As you said, these are not written in stone but...

Ah interesting, I personally am very much in the 5 lines or less camp -- I think it is rare that your function is doing one thing only if it is longer than that! I rarely even write functions that are a full five lines of code to be honest!


I followed this practice for a few years.

Now I'm more into big functions when there is no/not much duplication involved.

I use blocks to encapsulate parts of the bigger functions and early returns, so you often don't need to scroll down the whole function.

Jumping around a file or multiple files to find 10 functions that are only used once or twice when they could have been a few extra lines in the main function doesn't cut it for me anymore.


While I generally hold as close to this rule as I can, there are times where I've had to break the rule to get the job done. Those have mostly been in financial applications, and numerical methods (ordinary differential equation solvers, spherical harmonics, etc.). Basic CRUD apps, I've hardly ever written any function that requires more than 5 lines.

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